cubes_3_newOffice Furniture Installers has an award winning service team that has been voted the best for nine of the last twelve years by B2B Magazine. We provide product installation, dis-assembly, and re-assembly of cubicles, desk and table systems, filing systems and private offices. In addition, OFI and it’s service team has a fleet of vehicles capable of relocating entire businesses and their employees. Our installers are experts with a wide range of systems and will help you utilize them for maximum performance. OFI’s professional installation staff understands customer satisfaction and what it takes to develop a satisfied and loyal customer.

Our reputation for providing the best in business moves and employee relocation, cubicle and office installation and re-configuration can also be attributed to our proven processes. It is our goal to provide our customers with a smooth and efficient process from beginning to end that results in “no surprises”. The planning phase of installation begins long before the product arrives. Our planning process is just the first step in the execution. The cornerstone of our success begins and ends with attention to detail. That is why we make certain our account executives, project managers and lead installers meet to discuss and review every project detail, including installation drawings, specifications, customer expectations, site analysis, manpower requirements, and product delivery schedules. Constant communication occurs throughout the process to reduce the potential for surprises. We say that if we error, we will error on the side of over-communication.

OFI’s professional staff will locate all of the appropriate staging areas, take care of protecting the building, and establish the proper route for trash removal. Products are brought in using a pre-planned sequence that allows workers such as cable installers or electricians to complete their tasks on time. When the installation is completed, our team ensures everything is clean, complete, and fine-tuned to the customers’ satisfaction. The project lead installer stays on site to double-check for any last minute issues, punch list items or adjustments needed. Our team will then quickly get out of the way, so you can unpack and get back to work after conducting that final walk through.