Kevin Fenster, Business Continuity Manager

“I truly believe one of the most important keys to the success of our project was the quality of the team from OFI, and the results they achieved. The men constantly hit the milestones we set for them. They came in each morning in pleasant moods, ready to tackle the day’s job. They left each afternoon, having met or exceeded expectations, and you could tell they had put their heart and soul into the day’s efforts. Whether early in the morning or late in the afternoon, the men represented OFI well. They were respectful of the others at the facility and respectful of our policies.

When issues arose, the team stepped up to get them addressed. When I came across a quality issue, I was able to mention it and it was addressed. I didn’t have to deal with repeat issues. Though the staff was supplemented with additional temporary labor, not once did anyone tell me “That’s not an OFI employee.” The entire staff was held to a high standard.

Thank you for partnering with us on this significant effort. When faced with projects in the future, I look forward to being able to partner with your team again.”