How much is your time worth? Ever feel so overwhelmed by your workload that you wish you could instantly have someone with all the right skills to assist you in completing your facility management projects? From preparing for Board meetings, moving departmental staff from one floor to another, putting up and tearing down for functions, parties, meetings, etc.Office Furniture Installers has a facility management support team for you. Outsourcing certain aspects of your facility management responsibility to OFI makes good business sense. Just consider the cost in time and money that you’ll save not to mention how much more effective you’ll become in completing your department’s assigned tasks on time.

At Office Furniture Installers, our Facility Management Support is provided by professionals with many years of experience capable of supplementing your full time Facility Management Department. Our on-site presence frees up your time to focus on the myriad of other tasks demanding your attention. And we all know that happy customers make for a happier and more productive workplace.